Our company has more than 8 years of expertise in fish breeding, fishpond and fishing lake management. If You are a manager of a fishing lake (an individual or an organization) with problems of lake management, please contact us for advice.
We can

  • help You to chose the best fish species for the pond and the most profitable fishing system
  • regularly check water quality and fish health status
  • resolve Your water quality problems
  • manage fish lake installation, fish stock settling
  • supply You with rare species or types (big size carp, koi, tench, etc.)
  • help to access EU or national funds.

If You are fish producer or You plan to breed fish, we can

  • plan Your fish pond
  • help to get necessary licences
  • advice you to create and manage proper breeding structure
  • help You in any occurring problem during fish propagation and breeding, including nutrient cycle problems or sudden fish dying
  • help to purchase brood stock or spawn, tools or chemicals
  • help to market Your fish
  • help to access EU or national funds.